Story of my life – Social Distortion cover

22 April 2014

We recorded this cover a long time ago, but w’ve just realised we hadn’t  published it!

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Back from the South!

30 March 2014

Estamos de vuelta de un fin de increíble por el sur!

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Dusty Weekend!

24 March 2014

We are on the read again! =D

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12 March 2014

We are so glad to share with you our new video!
It is not the final one, but we could not wait!!!

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The big day is coming!

7 March 2014

The big day is coming!

Next Thursday (March, 13th) we are playingt with The Peacocks at Gruta-77. It is going to be a great concert, a very special night, and we want you all to come and enjoy music with us

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25 February 2014

We are so glad to announce that we will be playing with the Swiss band The Peacocks on March, 13th at Gruta-77. It’s on Thursday, so we expect you all to come and welcome the weekend with us =P
We’ll never stop saying that your support is very important, as well as the effort that concert halls are making, and please don’t you ever stop going to concerts

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Esto es Madrid!!

18 February 2014

Cañas, espuma densa servida con destreza
al que tiene sed. Este infierno aprieta.
Asfalto hirviendo, de hormigón es la ribera.
Aire asfixiante a más de 40º

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Ser Joven Es…

8 February 2014

Ser joven es no estar en paz
sobrevivir en la ciudad
Tanto que perder tanto por ganar
Tanto por hacer tanto que cambiar

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